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Smasher: Clean It Up - Try this App to enjoy lockdown

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Generally, for mobile gaming, you need internet and skills. But this is a game that you can play without internet and skill.

My mother was a little worried due to the lack of internet. Since her phone's internet was not working, nor could she go anywhere due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Even in this lockdown, there is an opportunity to spend time inside the house, but there is not much to do. You will either do household chores, read books or exercise, or play games in which there is no need for the internet.

There are many such offline games on Android and iOS, but so far most of them have become boring, especially for my mother. So I told them about the new game which is offline and it requires simple penetration skills. The special thing is that it is probably the most relevant time of the Coronavirus epidemic.

I am talking about the Smasher: Clean it Up game here. I have been playing this game for some time. This is a fairly simple game in which you have to collect points by killing bugs like animated coronaviruses.

There is no difficulty in this game because it also does not have heavy graphics like PUBG or Fortnite which requires a premium phone. Not only this, but there is also no weapon system in this game, which makes it very difficult to get selected.

Installing this game is quite easy. Go to Google Play Store and search by writing Smasher: Clean it up and you can download and install from here. There is also no need for device permission for this game, so you do not have to worry about your phone's data privacy.

The best part of this game is that it does not require the internet. Therefore, this game is a great option to overcome boredom without the internet.

You will get an idea about this game from the Welcome screen itself. Smasher: Clean it Up has a theme designed to kill Deadly Bugs. And yes, for this you do not even need to be a real Kovid Warrior. In the game, you can kill bugs like virtual coronavirus. Ever since I installed this game, I have been constantly killing these bugs on the screen.

In this game, not only by tapping with the finger is to kill the bug, but there is also a hand sanitizer and soap that you can use. By tapping on these, you will get edition results. For example, if you tap on the sanitizer, these bugs that look like coronaviruses will stop for a while.

When you start this game, its speed will be low, so the bugs are also easy to kill, so maybe you don't need a sanitizer then. But the hand sanitizer helps kill many coronavirus-like bugs simultaneously. I can tap on sanitizer and kill many bugs at once.

Bugs such as the coronaviruses appearing on the screen will burst as soon as you tap on the soap. This feature will be beneficial for you when more coronavirus-like bugs appear on the screen. However, you will only see this soap after playing this game for a few minutes.

The basic is that you kill as many bugs as possible in this game. If the bugs have gone to the bottom of your screen, then you can see the sign of the template growing in the corner. This is also a kind of representation of how the coronavirus attacks the human body.

As the temperature increases, your life ends in this game. A total of three lives are given here, so I would advise you to use them carefully to collect more points.

The game's message is clear - if you do not protect yourself from coronavirus, it can be dangerous for your life.

Smasher: Clean It Up also features background music that sounds cuff-like and looks like these coronavirus-like bugs are interacting with each other in gargling noises.

However, if you do not like the sound of it, you can also turn it off. Its option will be found in the right corner of the bottom.

If you finish all three of your life in this game then this game is over. You will be shown safety tips as soon as the game is over. These include being responsible for covering the face during a sneeze or cough, applying a mask, making your hand frequently and having a coronavirus spread.

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