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Made in PRC, replacing Made in China? Is audio company Boat dodging people?

People are opposing Chinese products in India and in the meantime, some companies are adopting new tricks. Usually Made in China is written on a Chinese product. But Made in PRC is written on the product of the Indian company. This may confuse many customers.

There is one such company named Boat which sells audio products in India. Its earphones are particularly popular in India. This company has written Made in P.R.C under its earbuds. This company belongs to India only.

Since the company's products are made in China, hence Made in PRC is written here.

P.R.C means the People’s Republic of China. That is, it is also a different way of writing Made in China. Since these days people are buying products in Made and Chine and in such a situation, Made in PRC is selling products.

In response to a tweet about Made In PRC, the company said, 'China is just a part of our value chain. We are 100% Indian Brand. We generate implants here and we do not send money to China like other companies'

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Made in P.R.C has been written behind the products. Apart from this, some Chinese companies have been writing Made in PRC behind their products.

Generally, customers who do not buy products written in Made in China can easily dodge by looking at Made in PRC. Because in India, China is either called China or China. China is also called the official People's Republic of China.

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