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Facebook News will come to India, what is this feature and how it will work

Facebook News was launched in the US. Now, this feature will come to India. But will you be able to trust Facebook News? Will it be a flop or a hit like Facebook Trading Stories? Read about it.

Facebook launched a new feature Facebook News in June this year. This is given as a section in the main app of Facebook itself. It has currently been given to American users. But now it can be started in India too.

According to Facebook, the company will launch this feature in the UK, Germany, France, India, and Brazil. Facebook has said that this feature will be launched in these countries within six months to a year.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook started Trending Stories at one time. Gradually, this feature came under question. The company began to accuse that Facebook manipulated trending stories and manipulated them for its own benefit.

The company tried to fix it and new mazers were taken. However, this matter did not settle even then and the company finally closed it.

Now the question is how this new feature of Facebook will be different from trading and what will be its credibility.

What is Facebook News and how does it work?

A separate section of Facebook News will be given in the Facebook app. News from different news publishers will feature here. These will have different topics that you can select.

Local news will also be an option under this section. Today's Stories section will be inside Facebook News. According to the company, it will be curated by a team of journalists.

Apart from this, the option of Personalized will also be given in this section. Under this, users can personalize according to their topic of interest. In this, it will depend on what you read, follow, and share on Facebook.

If you know about Google, then you will also find many types of sections on Facebook News. These will include politics, science, technology, health, sports, and entertainment.

A company can partner with news publishers for content

Since this feature of Facebook News is only in the US, the news of 200 publishers there is featured in Facebook News. These publishers also include Bajfeed, Watch Street Journal, and USA Today.

To be featured in Facebook News, publishers have to follow the guidelines.

Let us tell you that for those who want to be featured in the Facebook News section, Facebook issues guidelines. To feature articles, publishers have to follow the Facebook Publishers Guideline.

There are many provisions in the guideline, the main of which is that the content featured in Facebook News should not be misleading or inaccurate in any way.

It is also in this guideline that articles with clickbait, hate speech, and community standard violations should not be there. Facebook has also claimed that news featuring Facebook News will be continuously checked whether they are according to the standard or not.

Like trending, Facebook News should not flop, so the company is looking to implement this feature with complete preparation. But looking at the track record of Facebook, it is difficult to say how much people will trust Facebook News.

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