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WhatsApp Web : Special Feature For New User

WhatsApp Web

Almost everyone is using the WhatsApp app. We are connected to everyone with the help of this. Many times it happens that we are very busy with our work, then there is a special message that comes from us on WhatsApp, now that message can be of your boss or girlfriend. In such a situation, WhatsApp has brought you the option of the WhatsApp Web, so that you can also use WhatsApp by mixing the QR Code of your phone's WhatsApp in your laptop or computer.

There are many more tricks that you can take advantage of the WhatsApp Web even more. There are many shortcut keys to WhatsApp that you can use.

1) Ctrl + N: Start a new chat

2) Ctrl + Shift +]: Next chat

3) Ctrl + Shift + [: Previous chat

4) Ctrl + E: Archive chat

5) Ctrl + Shift + M: Mute Licking

 6) Ctrl + Backspace: Delete Chat

 7) Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark as unread

8) Ctrl + Shift + N: Make a new group

9) Ctrl + P: Open profile status

Do an Emoji Search with the Keyboard 

Often you send an emoji to someone by clicking on the icon and sending it to the emoji of your choice, but the quickest way to do this is by typing the first two axes of your emoji by typing a colon type, which will reveal all the emoji associated with that emoji. You can send  emoji from the searched emoji by pressing the arrow key and pressing the enter button. 

How to convert an emoticon to an emoji

 There are many emojis for which you do not need any trick or colon. WhatsApp is able to convert them to classic text emoticons. If you want to put emoticons in emoticons and do not want to convert them into emojis, then you can do this using the WhatsApp Emoticon Preserver script. You have to find a cross-platform userscript manager on TamperMonkey after installing it.

How to login multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same computer

The first option is that you can open WhatsApp and use it in an incognito mode or Opera. Along with this, you get another option in which you can open a new tab and go to a proxy and use 2 accounts at the same time through How to read a message without showing a blue tick, first open the WhatsApp web window, then open a separate window and resize it so that you can see the WhatsApp web chat in the background. Click on the open window and place your cursor over it. By doing this, the message will be loaded on the chat window in the background, so that you will be able to read the message, and there will be no blue tick on the message read. The only double tick will show on the message, which means that you have received the message but you have not read it. On clicking on WhatsApp web chat, blue tick shows will start on your message.

WAToolkit extension used

Features like background notifications and chat bubbles can be added to WhatsApp from WAToolkit.

How to increase voice with changing playback speed

Like that, WhatsApp does not allow you to call but you can send a voice message. You can use the Chrome extension's Zapp feature to change the voice message's voice or playback speed.

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