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Mitron App ...! A new app launched to compete Tiktok | Mitron Vs TikTok

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Mitron app Vs TikTok

The TikTok app has achieved a lot of successes in the recent past and its popularity has skyrocketed. However, Tiktok's popularity has declined significantly in the last few days and this is evidenced by Tiktok's falling ratings on the Play Store.

A new app, Mitron, has benefited directly from this falling rating app of Tiktok. This new app from Mitron is exactly the same as Tiktok. This app has been created by last month itself and it has been created by Shivank Aggarwal, a student of IIT. This app has been launched only last month but so far more than 50 lakh people have downloaded this app.

Mitron App Vs TikTok:- Rating on google play rating

This app has been downloaded by so many people, as well as positive reviews. Let me tell you that currently, the rating of this app is 4.7 in Play Store. However, while writing a review of this app, people have also told me about some of its shortcomings and bugs. Shashank Aggarwal, who has made friends, has said that we will fix the bugs and shortcomings of this app soon.

After seeing this app at first glance, it looks exactly like TikTok but MItron has a lot of drawbacks compared to TikTok. At this time, friends are getting benefited because people are disliking Tiktok at this time. The reason for not liking this app is a recent incident in which a popular Tiktokar glorified the acid attacker in one of his Tiktok videos. People protested after this video surfaced and then the National Commission for Women complained about it and demanded immediate action from Tittock and Maharashtra Police.

Mitron App Vs TikTok:- Mitron will give Tiktok a clash

TikToker India first deleted the video and then suspended the account of Tiktokar Faizal Siddiqui, after this incident, to ease the growing protests.

After this incident, people started opposing this app of China and its rating fell from 4.5 to straight 1.5. Meanwhile, this app was launched by Shashank Agarwal of India and due to it being a domestic app, his app friends got the benefit of it. Now it has to be seen how much people benefit from this app in the future.

Mitron App Vs TikTok

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